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RRC Group D Model Question Paper for Helper Track Man Porter

//--> Railway Recruitment Cell Group-D Model Paper/Previous Paper 2012 for Helper-II, Track Man, Assistants Points and Porter Posts. Some Mode Paper Questions with Answers For General Knowledge, Mathematics and Reasoning given below.

Below Question Paper can use the Railway Department Recruitment Cell for Group D Posts.Model paper for RRC Chennai,RRC Secunderabad, RRC Delhi, RRC Bilaspur, RRC Kolkata, RRC Allahabad, RRC Banagalore, RRC Bhubaneswar, RRC Gorakhpur, RRC Guwahati, RRC Hajipur, RRC Hubli, RRC Jabalpur, RRC Jammu, RRC Lucknow, RRC Mumbai, RRC Thiruvananthapuram, RRC Udaipur

Written Exam Pattern
Questions will be objective type multiple choice question paper based on 10th Class standard
I) General Knowledge/Awareness
II) Mathematics
III) Reasoning.

Candidates should carefully answer the question, there will be negative marking system, 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

General Knowledge/Awareness Model Question Paper

1) Where is Cellular Jail?
A) Delhi
B) Bihar
C) Andaman & Nicobar
D) Kolkata
Answer: C

2) Who was the first Indian governor-general of Independent India?
A) C.Rajagopla Chari
B) Lord Coning
C) Lord Mount Baton
D) William Bentinck
Answer: A

3) Where is the “Bandung” Located?
A) Indonesia
B) Thailand
C) Philippines
D) Malaysia
Answer: D

4) What is the unit for Measuring deep of Sea?
A) Galancy
B) Fatham
C) Sonar
D) Nautical Miles
Answer: B
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Mathematics Model Question Paper

1. √24 + √216/√96 = ?
A) 3
B) 2
C) 4
D) 8
Answer: B

2. 35 persons will complete one work in 24 days, The Same work How many days will take for 40 Persons ?
A) 20
B) 22
C) 21
D) 23
Answer: C

3. A: B = 5:7 :; B:C = 6:11 If A:B:C = ?
A) 30: 42 : 77
B) 77: 42: 30
C) 42: 30: 77
D) 77: 30: 42
Answer: A

4. The Age Difference between two persons 10 Years. 15 Years back Elder person age double than younger person age. So what is the age of Elder Person now?
A) 25
B) 35
C) 45
D) 30
Answer: B

Reasoning Model Question Paper
1. 6, 24, 60, 120--------------
A) 240
B) 210
C) 480
D) 216
Answer: B

2. If write BRIDGE word as EULGH how can write FRUIT?
Answer: C

3. 21, 30, 38, --------, 51, 56
A) 44
B) 45
C) 46
D) 47
Answer: C

4. One Wall Clock shows 8: 45 in mirror, so what is the actual time?
A) 1:15
B) 9:30
C) 3:15
D) 9:15
Answer: C

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